You Belong Here Just As You Are

Hello, my name is Tracy (she/her) and it is my pleasure to welcome you to HYWT. I know this is a brave step for you and I am glad you took it. You belong here where people of all backgrounds, genders, abilities, sizes and shapes, cultures, ethnicities, races, relationship structures, and sexual orientations matter. Our therapeutic relationship will be built upon our common humanity, compassion, and empathy. This allows you to be genuine and gentle as you resolve your challenges and grow in ways that are meaningful to you.

~ Together we will create a safe space to care for and honor all of who you are, where you have come from, and where you want to go.

About Tracy

Tracy Sisk, MA/Doctoral Candidate
Florida Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern (IMH21354)

Do you feel stuck in your head like you are an observer of your own life?

Do you move through your days with tunnel vision and no light in sight?

If you feel this way, wouldn’t you like come back to your life?

I am here with you and understand what it is like to live in a tunnel of survival mode. These are difficult experiences and it can be hard to believe that life can get any better. I know you can improve your life, and a part of you must believe that too because you made it here!

Here at HYWT your tunnel melts away as you feel safe to share stories of your life. You begin to avoid unhelpful detours as shadows disappear in your light. As you tend to your own needs, you will begin to fearlessly take pathways that align with your values, goals, and dreams.

 ~ Nothing in your past has to define you, nor be the way for the rest of your life. Your internal light will shine on your path of improved emotional-relational health.

An Honorable Story

In my years of clinical experience, I have witnessed many people liberate themselves from existential crises, grief and loss, and anxiety or depression. Others have overcome post-traumatic stress, broken relationships, codependency, and many other hardships. Couples have lovingly found their way to avoid a breakup, like Dorothy and George (for privacy, their names and minor context details have been changed).

I had the privilege to work with this middle-aged married couple at the door of a life-threatening disease and divorce. They were stuck in their tunnel of distress, financial instability, and dysfunctional family dynamics with no light in sight. Our work slowed them down to breathe, process their grief, and empathize with each other.

They took brave steps to be vulnerable, stabilize their finances, and bond in new ways to hold their union together. This created a pathway for consistent medical care that brought pain relief and renewed hope for survival. Before I left this clinical site a nurse told me they said our therapy had saved their marriage. Though the truth is, I simply walked beside them as they did the courageous work to save themselves and honor their way together!

~ When you consistently show up and do the work you will write your own powerful story of evolution, success, and honor.

Emotional-Relational Health

Emotional health is related to your sense of wellbeing. It is vital to your ability to navigate when it feels like you are stuck in a dark tunnel. You will slow yourself down to notice what is happening for you at any given moment. This regulates your nervous system to keep you centered and present in your days.

Relational health focuses on your ability to establish and maintain meaningful relationships.  It promotes harmony within yourself, with other people and groups, and the communities where you live, work, and play. You will build skills to clearly communicate what you need and how to ask for and accept help. Support from others helps relieve feelings of loneliness, decreases stress, and increases stability when you need it the most. 

~ Emotional-relational health is your internal light that dissolves the tunnel, even when it feels impossible.

Ready to Connect?

I believe you have the pathway to overcome your challenges inside of you and have simply lost sight of it. Please browse my content and professional profiles to get to know me and how we might work together. As you do, I encourage you to imagine how you want to feel as you invest in your own transformation for motivation to take this important step forward.

Whenever you are ready, simply use the 24-hour online scheduling tool or contact page to reserve your complimentary discovery call. This gives us an opportunity to get to know each other a bit, get your questions answered, and schedule your welcome/intake appointment.

~It will be my pleasure to meet you and help you Honor Your Way from tunnel vision to a bright pathway into the life you dream of!